Spring Cleanup Time

Ahhh, spring is here! A desire begins to slowly resonate within ourselves, one that parallels the changing season and wondrous landscape around us. We feel renewed, just as the plants do. Working to re-establish order, a goal in mind, a solution. Whatever side of the garden you’re on, you begin making preparations for what lies ahead. Whether it be a cleanup and refresh for your existing landscape; water, erosion and drainage projects; or plans to plant that amazing vegetable garden you’ve always wanted to but… “Haven’t gotten to yet,” the time is now, and Greenleaf Garden Services is here to help.

April Is Maintenance Month

Before Yard Cleanup Picture
Before Cleanup
After Flower Bed Cleanup
After Cleanup

Let’s get our hands dirty and break a sweat! Let’s take advantage of these sunny days before the rains that offer our earthbound plants a better fighting chance. The life cycle that has passed is cut back and/or collected to make way for new life. We must repair, maintain, and prepare our landscape. A planting bed is just as important as the one we lie in each night. It renews and refreshes us for the next day’s work.

Now Is the Time to Address Drainage Problems

Drainage Solution Picture

Drainage Problem Picture








Water issues that you have either known about or are just now realizing, must be planned for and taken care of in order to make your landscape ready for the growing season. If you are unsure of what steps need to be taken to manage water on your property, or would simply like to brainstorm ideas, Greenleaf can help. We can sit down and discuss the drainage problem areas and your goals for your landscape and create solutions that are functional and fit your style and budget.

Plan Your Project Now So You Can Enjoy It All Summer

Creek Bed PictureLandscape Pond PictureGreenleaf can work with you to bring about these changes, and we are excited to lend a helping hand! If a cleanup, refresh, or water related project isn’t necessary because you’ve been diligent these past couple months and feel prepared, remember, it is never too early to begin planning for whatever project you might find yourself getting into. Call Greenleaf Garden Services for landscape help of any kind. From Greenleaf to you, we wish you the best this season and we’ll see you out there!