3 Ways to Use Leftover Materials in Your Yard

Believe it or not, it is easier than most people think to reuse garden and building materials in your yard.  Our last project recap was a catalyst for thinking of alternative possibilities one might consider, creating unique opportunities for beauty in their yard. This brainstorming session led to several constructive ideas, some practical, some perhaps fantasy, yet all beneficial.  We hope you find them so interesting that you yourself may have fun creating or brainstorming ideas– even making it a family event or friendly  get-together for some weekend DIY excitement.

Getting Creative With Your “Stuff”  

As homeowners, over time, we collect lots of “stuff” and at some point we decide whether or not we’re going to store it away for another year, finally have a garage sale, or send it off to the dump.   We’ve seen all kinds of wonderful piles of stone, bricks, wood, wood pallets, paint buckets, tires, old furniture, etc. at peoples’ homes that are just waiting to be used eventually.  Though it is often easiest to put the “stuff” on the curb and forget about it, take a look at these unique ways people have repurposed material in their yards to save money and avoid adding to landfills. We found these neat ideas online!


DIY Compost

Next, ask yourself how much you spend on mulch and soil amendments per year?  If this number is staggering, and you believe there should be a better way, you would most certainly be right.  The answers are all around us.  From the food that we eat to the leaves and needles that fall each year, this organic matter has a great ability to make a difference in your yard and further reduce stress on landfills and the environment.

Below are a few images that we found online of DIY compost piles. The bins could be made with all kinds of materials or things sitting around the house. Use your imagination and enjoy!


Water Collection & Reuse

Lastly, and most importantly, is the process of water collecting and reuse.  There are many ways in which we can work to reduce water consumption, lower energy cost, and limit the amount of runoff that enters storm drains and eventually ends up in our larger water bodies. Water collecting systems such as rain barrels, cisterns, and rain gardens offer a wide range of advantages including being relatively easy to install.  Another method of water reuse that involves more work but with great benefits is through the implementation of a grey water system.  This water exits your house as waste, can be filtered naturally in your landscape and then used for irrigation purposes.  If you have time, check out this video that further explains how a grey water system works: http://youtu.be/PBMpaWq4EKE.

That’s all for February folks. Check us out on Facebook to post a comment or photo about reuse of material. Would really like to make this an open forum where we can discuss ideas.  Thanks all and take care.  We’ll see you out there.