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Spring into Maintenance For an Effortless Year

With spring whispering in the wind it’s time to think about the landscape again.  Some years spring comes barreling in before we are ready and that may be this year if you can believe a rodent predicting spring is around the corner.     If I had a wishing well what would I wish for?  … Continue reading Spring into Maintenance For an Effortless Year

Spring Cleanup Time

Ahhh, spring is here! A desire begins to slowly resonate within ourselves, one that parallels the changing season and wondrous landscape around us. We feel renewed, just as the plants do. Working to re-establish order, a goal in mind, a solution. Whatever side of the garden you’re on, you begin making preparations for what lies … Continue reading Spring Cleanup Time

Project Spotlight: Adding Curb Appeal

Many homeowners fail to realize how the landscape affects the look and feel of a home.  Whether you are looking to sell, just purchased a new house or seeking a refresh of an existing landscape, the right landscaping can change everything. Here’s a recent landscaping project we completed, taking a less than remarkable property and … Continue reading Project Spotlight: Adding Curb Appeal