Johnson County Landscaping Design, Install and Maintenance

At Greenleaf Garden Services, we have three types of clients. Which category fits you best?

  • I Need Ongoing Maintenance – you have a beautiful finished landscape but need someone to maintain it.
  • I Need to Refresh my Landscape – you need help with your landscaping – updating, replacing, improving, adding.
  • I Need an Entire Landscape Plan – you need to start from scratch with a full-scale landscape plan.

No matter which services you need, Greenleaf can provide the exact amount of knowledge and experience to make your home look its best. Unfortunately, a beautiful landscape won’t stay that way without regular maintenance. Greenleaf Garden Services can create, install, and maintain your landscape so it looks its best in every season. Whether you need year-round maintenance, a refresher or a complete new plan for your landscape, Greenleaf Garden Services is here to help.

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Year Round Landscape Maintenance

Everyone wants their landscape to look good year round. That’s just why Greenleaf Garden Services created our Greenscape 365 Coverage. Our Greenscape 365 Coverage customers never have to worry about their landscape looking overgrown, unhealthy, or neglected. We automatically take care of it all so it looks great all 365 days of the year. Additionally, our landscape and plant experts can spot and treat any diseases your trees, shrubs and flowers may get. At Greenleaf Garden Services, we take care of everything living outside so you can live in peace inside.

Landscape Installation

You want a beautiful landscape with a variety of colors, textures, and heights to please the eye. But where do you start? Let the experts at Greenleaf Garden Services design your dream landscape. We’ll consult with you to uncover your goals, preferences and ideas. We take pride in our functional landscape designs and work closely with you to create an outdoor space that reflects your lifestyle while enhancing the character of your home. Let us turn your landscape into the outdoor paradise you’ve dreamed of.

Call us today to schedule your consultation at (816) 916-5171.

What Homeowners Say

Greenleaf Garden Services
I am very pleased with Jonathon’s work and expertise and enjoyed meeting Josh. She’s requested another event, including weeding beds, edging, mulch and stones moved possibly against the house for drainage.