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Shawnee Mission Landscapers & Gardening Service

If you’re searching for a landscaping company in the Shawnee Mission area , look no further than Greenleaf Garden Services! From the small job to the large, from the simple to the complex, Greenleaf has the solutions for all landscaping needs in Shawnee Mission. Founded in 2001, Greenleaf has worked tirelessly to build and sustain our reputation as the most professional landscaper in town. Winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2010, Greenleaf strives to provide our Shawnee Mission customers with the best landscaping that their greens can purchase!

Landscape Design & Installation

One of Greenleaf’s specialties is our landscape design and installation. We work closely with you to craft an outdoor green scape that is tailored specifically to the contour of your land and how it interacts with its surroundings. Once a functional plan has been developed, we’ll do the rest of the horticultural lifting! Completed to your specifications, you’ll now have a lush garden to lounge, entertain, or meditate in. Here at Greenleaf, we can also offer continued upkeep and maintenance of your Shawnee Mission garden, including, but not limited to, the installation of vegetable gardens!

Landscape Cleanup Service

In addition to landscape design projects, Greenleaf is available for a host of other outdoor services for the people of Shawnee Mission. If your garden is in general disarray and you need landscaping professionals to come out and gussy up the joint, we provide one time cleaning services. If your existing shrubs and trees are in need of pruning and care, we’ll come with the shears to trim back the overgrowth. We are also capable of handling the more technical aspects of a landscaping company.

Landscape Drainage Solutions

One of the most vital components to any healthy garden is water and problems can arise if you’re getting too little or too much. At Greenleaf, we can fashion solutions for either aquatic ill. Should you find water accumulating in your Shawnee Mission garden or lawn, we can create drainage solutions that will reduce the possibility of over-hydration while blending in with your existing landscape design. Conversely, should your flowers or grass not be getting enough moisture, we can install irrigation systems that will ensure an appropriate delivery of water to your thirsty landscape. No matter what you require of a landscaper in Shawnee Mission, Greenleaf Garden Services can provide it for you. There is no garden too small and no arboretum too large for us to put our green thumb to use in. We hope you consider us the next time you need a landscaping company.