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Lenexa Landscaping and Garden Services

If you need an expert green thumb in the Lenexa area, consider Greenleaf Garden Services for all of your landscaping needs! Servicing the community since 2001, we at Greenleaf take great pride in the quality and reputation of our landscaping company. Honored by popular online review aggregator Angie’s List with a Super Service Award in 2010, we strive to be the best landscaper that is earthly possible.

Landscape Design

One of the most popular services that we offer at Greenleaf Garden Services is our professional landscape design services. We can completely transform the barren, under-vegetated yards of Lenexa into flourishing green spaces that will be the envy of the neighborhood. When we undertake a landscape design project, we’ll consult with you to determine what type of layout would best suit the lay of the land. Once the layout has been finalized we’ll go ahead and turn your backyard into the garden you’ve always wanted. Even once we’ve packed up our rakes and hoes, you can always count on us to come back and help with any lawn and garden maintenance you may require to keep your green space looking fresh and healthy. We can even help you construct your vegetable garden each summer so you can start turning out those bumper crops of peppers and tomatoes!

Landscape Projects Big & Small

As much as we like our large scale makeovers in Lenexa, we love the smaller maintenance gigs just as much! If your lawn and yard has mutated into something resembling the Amazon jungle, we’ll happily come in with our machetes and weed whackers and cut it down to size. If you need stones, mulch, or soil to prepare you for the summer months then we’re the landscaper for you. We also excel at trimming back shaggy trees and shrubs to a more manageable coiffure.

Landscaping Drainage Solutions

As a full-service landscaping company, we at Greenleaf Garden Services are not limited to the land alone. We can help devise technical solutions for the citizens of Lenexa in regards to occasionally troublesome water issues. If you’re seeing water pool on your lawn or in your garden, we can help identify the landscape drainage issues and create solutions that blend in with your existing landscape design. If, on the other hand, your greenery isn’t receiving enough hydration, we can implement an irrigation system that will keep your plants and lawn moist, healthy, and happy all summer long. At Greenleaf Garden Services, we believe we are the top landscaping company in the Lenexa area. We have a passion for the earth and for our customers, a group we hope that you’re a part of in the coming seasons.