Project Spotlight: Adding Curb Appeal

Many homeowners fail to realize how the landscape affects the look and feel of a home.  Whether you are looking to sell, just purchased a new house or seeking a refresh of an existing landscape, the right landscaping can change everything. Here’s a recent landscaping project we completed, taking a less than remarkable property and making it spectacular.

The Landscape Design Goal

After renovating the interior of the home, the homeowners knew they needed some help with the landscape.   Specifically, they wanted to be able to enjoy a very large patio that was surrounded by beds with weeds obscuring the existing plant material. Also, the beds in the front yard were too small to accommodate the existing plants which overflowed into the grass area.

How We Made It Happen

To stay within the budget, we chose to leave some existing plant material in place, move some around and in this case utilize a stack of cut stones from a deconstructed pond to create edge stones throughout the yard.

We began with cleaning, pruning and edging. In addition we chose several varieties of Hydrangeas for sun and shade, Drift Roses for color, Grasses and Lythrum to buffer around the patio, Azalea and Rhododendron for spring color up front and Boxwood to lessen the appearance of a big front porch foundation.  We included both new and transplanted perennials to layer in additional blooms to provide a finished look.  This particular combination and spacing, provides a low maintenance landscape with long lasting blooms and complimentary colors and interest throughout the season.

Landscaping Tips For The DIY Homeowners

If you’re interested in a similar landscape makeover here are some tips:

  • Choose plants that don’t require much pruning or deadheading to reach their full potential. This will require less maintenance and outside chores.
  • Make sure you’re aware of a plant’s mature size rather than how big a plant is today.
  • Proper spacing reduces maintenance and allows plants to reach their full potential.
  • If you have a plant that is in a bad spot, think about transplanting it rather than buying new.
  • Layering plants into a landscape can give a full look without crowding the beds.

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