Our Favorite Ground Cover Plant: Mazus

At Greenleaf Garden Services, we know beautiful flowers and plants like the back of our hands. But sometimes what makes plants beautiful to us is their functionality. That’s one of the reasons why Mazus Reptans is one of our all-time favorites.

Picture of Ground Cover Landscaping KC

Why We Love Mazus

This mat-forming perennial is not only beautiful, but functional as well. Since it is a perennial, this plant lasts longer (usually for several years) than many others. It also spreads quickly through rooting stems, without being aggressive. This means it won’t compete with other plants in your garden and yard, but will fill in bare spaces to add more greenery. Another plus is that it will grow in full sun to considerable shade, which means it can survive in most areas of your yard.

Mazus‘s long life span means you can enjoy its beauty longer than most plants. While it’s flowers only bloom in the spring and summer months, it’s greenery will remain year-round. But when its flowers do bloom in spring, you’ll see a beautiful pop of pink and blue color sprinkled throughout your greenery. It’s a welcome sight once the snow melts in the Kansas City area.

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How You Can Use Mazus

Mazus plants are great for a variety of gardens. It’s a perfect plant to use between stepping-stones or to cover large patches of soil. It’s also a great addition in rock gardens to add more character. Mazus usually only grows to about 2 inches in height, which makes it perfect for filling in bare spots below the more prominent plants and trees in your garden or yard. It’s a great way to take an average landscape design to a mesmerizing one.

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