Seasonal Spectrums

Fall is the time for colors and yet another helpful way in which Mother Nature shows us the signs of a season well spent and a beautiful one to come. Greenleaf would like to take this opportunity to share with you some wonderful moments in time to tantalize your senses and help you treasure that deep appreciation that is in all of us. The following collection of images displays the interesting, wonderful, and amazing beauty of the world around us along with all its lovely places, creatures, and things. If you have any photos you’d like to share, please post them to our facebook page at:  Thanks and enjoy!


Fungus Amongus
Fungus Amongus
Look at This Nut
Look at This Nut
A Child Tending to the Flock
A Child Tending to the Flock
A Family of Foersters
A Family of Foersters
Praying Mantis Picture
Meditating on the Changing Seasons





Kids on a Beach Pic
What It’s All About
Yard with Flowers
A Little Bit of Everything
Cascade Falls Pic
Cascade Falls – Lake Superior
Harvest Moon Pic
Harvest Moon
Spring Tree Pic
Absolutely Breathtaking
Smiley Face Sign Pic
Never Hurts to Have a Little Reminder
Snail on a Wall Pic
Company While We Plant
Rockaway Beach Picture
Rockaway Beach
Deer on a Walk Picture
Out for a Sunday Stroll
Caterpillar eating a Tomato Pic
Alright, This One’s Yours