Drought Alert!

We posted this blog a couple of years ago and now here we are again making jokes but NOT about watering. Please read the following information carefully and give us a call if you’re worried about missing the boat. Enjoy and stay warm out there!

Calling All Gardeners, Homeowners, & Tree Lovers!!!

Unless you see this

Noah's Ark Pic







in your backyard…

DO NOT stop watering your trees, shrubs, perennials, or anything green. We have not recovered from the summer’s heat and drought, and fall is starting out very dry. You must continue watering – especially newly planted landscapes and existing evergreens. If you don’t want to water, or can’t water, call Greenleaf and we will help you – we are your gardening resource!

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Your Plants Are Thirsty!

We can’t stress to homeowners enough – WATER! WATER! WATER! Newly planted landscapes need special attention, but even established landscapes need supplemental moisture! And this does not mean turn on the sprinkler system and hope for the best—you must manually soak your landscapes. We recommend hand watering for new landscapes and using a hose running gently for a couple hours on established plantings. If you have specific questions on how to properly water, please contact your Greenleaf horticulturalists – we are glad to help. Your plants need at least an inch or two of water per week, so please, help Mother Nature out this season and water your landscapes until she can catch up and provide us some free water!

If you need help, contact us online or just give us call at (816) 916-5171.