The “Wait Not Wade” Woes – Planting in Wet Soil

planting plants in wet soil

If you are anything like us, you’re itching to get outside, you’re always thinking about being outside, and when you have an opportune moment not preoccupied with other “things”, you are outside.

So, you just got home from work, or it’s the weekend and time to plant those plants that have been sitting on the deck or driveway in containers for days, weeks, months (hope you own a nursery).

While this excitement to exercise your green thumb helps the world go round, it can also have reverse effects on your garden beds and landscape if Mother Nature is beckoning us to wait.

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Wet Soil Compacts Easily

Planting in wet soil or when it is raining ES NO BUENO. Not only can anything and everything that you touch get caked with muddy soil, but everywhere you step, the soil begins to compact.

Compacting the soil is bad because it removes the air pockets your plants’ roots will seek as they grow (or don’t, if you have not hung up the gloves yet). It’s good to wait a few days after a heavy rain to allow the soil to dry out a bit. If you time it “perfectly” you could dig easily and water minimally.

When Your Schedule Won’t Allow You to Wait to Plant

Adding compost and things like peat moss can also help to create those air pockets mentioned previously if waiting a couple days is out of the question. Also, if the area where you are planting is very wet or dry frequently, you might investigate why this is, consider planting in another location, amend the soil, or fix the landscaping to alleviate the issue. The team at Greenleaf can help if you have questions.

From all of us to you, we hope your planting season is off to a great start for future beginnings!

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