Groundcovers: Mother Nature’s Carpet

Greenleaf-Groundcover 2Are you struggling with a slope in your yard? Wind, water, and heightened activity can cause soil particles to move. This erosion ultimately leads to drainage and runoff issues for your property and can also have lasting effects for your neighbors. Adjacent properties, larger water systems, and the local environment can all be affected by this erosion.

There are several solutions to help remedy or avoid these problems, but the gardening and landscape experts at Greenleaf highly recommend groundcovers. See how groundcovers can be used as a tool to beautify your landscape and prevent soil erosion.  

How Groundcovers Work

Groundcovers use their fibrous roots and spread vigorously to help hold topsoil in place.  They are excellent water absorbers and their foliage acts as cushions for water droplets as they fall from the sky. While grass is the most common groundcover, you may have found that grass simply won’t grow in certain areas of your yard. These areas include:Greenleaf-Groundcover 1

  • Steep banks and slopes
  • Near tree roots and shrubs
  • Shady locations
  • Heavily trafficked areas
  • Extreme wet or dry locations

Not only do groundcovers allow an upper hand when it comes to these difficult sites, they also work to minimize weeds and help insulate the soil to conserve moisture. Selecting the right groundcover can be difficult as each site and each plant is unique and will require different growing conditions.

For additional information on what groundcovers to choose, or for information on how groundcovers could help to improve the quality and look of your landscape, give Greenleaf a call at (816) 916-5171 or contact us online.