Kelly Adventure Playground – For the Kid in All of Us

gardening-services-project-recapSarah and Nate Kelly contacted Greenleaf for help with their new homes front and back garden beds. One of the areas in question was transformed into a garden bed by the previous owner most likely because grass would not grow. The big question was how to make such a large space usable while also minimizing annual mulch requirements.   This is what the space looks like now:

As we sat down at the dining room table to discuss options for the space, we were blessed by the sounds of distant cries from the Kelly’s newborn baby boy. With one more on the way, it became clear that they needed a place for the family to use and grow into together.

To fully maximize the functionality and beauty of the space, we decided that the area would be transformed into a natural adventure playground with a variety of plants to stimulate exploration and learning. The plan for the space can be seen below:

project-drawingAt the garden edge, a flagstone pad was designed to accommodate existing bench, providing walkability and added texture. Behind the seating area, a pea gravel path connects a log climbing circle to a two story wooden fort with monkey bridge and slide! Between the climbing circle and fort sits a balance beam and creation sandpit where the kids can test their stability, dream up wondrous castles, or dig for buried treasure. Again, a variety of plant choices were planned to add layers of complexity and interest for the children to investigate while a collection pool and riverbed seeks to excite the auditory sense.

The project is soon to begin and the Kelly’s couldn’t be more thrilled! Greenleaf is excited as well, and we look forward to sharing the completed photo’s with you in the coming months.   Happy planting!