Greenleaf’s Garden Inspirations: Part 1

At Greenleaf Garden Services we work on various projects throughout the year, from rain gardens and garden beds to water diversion projects and fire pit installations. We wanted to share some of our favorite projects with you! Check them out below.

Rain Garden Project

project-riverbedHomeowners’ Problem: These Kansas City homeowners came to us looking for a solution to control the erosion along the home’s foundation. He was also looking for a way to minimize saturated areas in the turf, allow the groundwater to recharge, and help control excess water run-off before it entered a nearby storm drain.

Greenleaf’s Solution: The Greenleaf team put in a 60’ rock riverbed along the garden edge to channel water away from the foundation and toward the rain garden. We then extended thegreenleaf-project downspouts into the riverbed and installed a catch basin at the driveway edge to funnel the water toward the riverbed. Using two 10’ x 10’ basins filled with rock, water could then be collected and erosion minimized. We also incorporated water-loving plants to absorb and filter the water.

Flagstone Path & Water Diversion Project

project-flagstone-recapHomeowners’ Problem: Looking for a more suitable walking surface for frequent foot traffic, these homeowners called Greenleaf. They were also looking for a way to minimize leaf debris around the existing catch basin due to water run-off.

Greenleaf’s Solution: To alleviate these issues, Greenleaf installed quartz flagstone pieces from the deck steps to the edge of the home’s driveway and the garage door. This allowed for multiple walkway routes. We also installed 2” – 4” Dakota Cobbles in their existing catch basin to block debris.

Water & Erosion Control Project

erosion-control-water-projectHomeowners’ Problem: Greenleaf Garden Services was called to help these homeowners with a water and erosion control issue. They wanted to minimize the erosion along the existing fence due to the steep grade of the backyard, as well as minimize water and mud that made its way onto the existing patio. Additionally, the homeowners wanted to direct the water from the backyard to the front and around the house.

Greenleaf’s Solution: Using 2”-8” Colorado Cobbles, we installed a rock riverbed along the existing fence to channel and slow the water. To further reduce the water velocity, we dug a large pit and filled it with ¾” Limestone Gravel. We also wanted to collect water near the patio’s edge, so we installed three large catch basins that were 12”. In addition to that, we installed a flagstone path to allow for better walkability.

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Flood Screening & Patio Space Design Project

garden-inspiration-privacy-projectHomeowners’ Problem: These homeowners were looking for a way to screen the views of neighboring properties and to heighten the beauty of an already gorgeous patio bed.

Greenleaf’s Solution: To help achieve this, we created a new garden bed along the existing rock riverbed and plated Magnolias and ornamental grasses to screen views. Additionally, we transplanted existing plant material and added new plant material to unify and balance out the space. We then dissolved the hard edge of the patio with a groundcover to give them an aesthetically pleasing look that they were hoping to achieve.

Plants Used to Achieve this Look: Spring Grove Arborvitae, Tree Hydrangea, Blue Angel Hosta, May Night Salvia, Patriot Hosta, Purple Coneflower, Leadwort, Sweetbay Magnolia, and Maiden Adagio Grass.

Stay tuned for part two of our garden inspirations series! In the meantime, if you need help with landscaping, drainage solutions, or other garden issues, call Greenleaf Garden Services at (816) 916-5171.