Tastebud – Food for Thought

Greetings!  We are so pleased to be partnering with Tastebud for this month’s drawing.   We are giving away a shrub to two lucky Tastebud readers.  Below you will find pictures and descriptions of the plants available to you.

You can also learn more about us by selecting the “Go to Website” button above.

Options for shade location:

LET’S DANCE MOONLIGHT HYDRANGEA  – 3’ shrub blooms on new and old wood


LITTLE LAMB HYDRANGEA – 4′ shrub blooms Summer through Fall


MY MONET WEIGELA – 2′ shrub blooms in Spring


Options for sun location:

ISSAI BEAUTYBERRY – 4′ shrub blooms in Summer and berries in Fall


KNOCK OUT ROSE – 4′ shrub blooms Spring through the first frost


BLACK KNIGHT BUTTERFLY BUSH – 5′ shrubs blooms Summer to Fall


DIANE WITCH HAZEL – 10′ shrub blooms in late Winter, very early Spring


 Good luck!