Watering Your Lawn: Morning or Evening?

We are under an Excessive Heat Warning at least for the remainder of this week.  This is likely going to be a dangerous few days with the biggest risks being to the elderly, people working outside for long periods of time, and our landscaping.

For us, that means stay out of the sun, be in an air conditioned space if possible, check on your neighbors and the elderly, keep an eye on your pets and drink lots of water.

The same applies to our landscapes.  Well, not the staying out of the sun or in an air conditioned place or checking on people or pets part but the water bit is vitally important.  The drought is worsening and there are no signs of rain in the near future.  That means it is up to us to give our plants their much needed moisture.

One question that is frequently asked:  Is it better to water in the morning or the evening?  The general consensus is that watering first thing in the morning is better for plants.  This gives the sun a chance to dry off any excess moisture on the leaves  and helps prevent a fungal problem from developing (although there are no guarantees against that regardless of when you water).  Another benefit to watering early, especially during this intense heat, is that your plants have the wetness they need during the hottest part of the day.

That said, the most important thing is that you do water and if your schedule is only conducive to watering in the evening, your plants will still be grateful for the drink.  Try as much as possible to water before dark to avoid that aforementioned fungal issue and just keep an eye out for anything that looks unusual.

Finally, if you simply cannot find time to water at all, CALL US at Greenleaf Garden Services!   We will gladly water for you.  The charge will be minimal and your plants will thank us.