Drainage Solutions – Mud Free is the Way to Be

The Clarks had contacted Greenleaf in the Fall of 2014, asking for solutions to drainage issues they were having with their backyard and patio space.  After visiting the site,  two critical issues were observed.  Not only does their yard slope north to south toward the house, but it also sits directly adjacent to a neighborhood tennis court that adds to the overall water draining on and off of their property.


Finding Water Draining Solutions 

After assessing the situation, the Greenleaf team came up with an overall drainage solution that would direct water from the yard around the patio and deck, minimizing the amount of water and sediment on the patio as well as prevent water from collecting near the foundation. The solution involved the use of two rock riverbeds or drainage swales running east to west along the patio and deck while the other ran north to south along the east fence line and patio.

Step-By-Step Progress for The Clark Family

First, the riverbed was graded to ensure positive drainage around the patio and deck as well as dug to an appropriate depth for gravel to sit and remain in the riverbed space.  Due to restrictions of existing patio grade, a pit was dug and filled with gravel to slow water. In addition, three drains were installed with approximately 150 feet of ADS pipe to direct water around the house.  Second, although several steps later, fabric was set in the riverbed to allow for rock stability and minimize the necessity of annual maintenance. Larger boulders were centralized in areas where grade became more dramatic while smaller boulders filled the bed to give it mass. Steppers where also added per client request to allow for easier walkability.

drainage-5 drainage-7 drainage-6drainage-8

Putting Our Work to the Test

The best thing about the project in the end was that the team finished it right before a heavy rain event and was able to see the fruits of our labor. Minimal to no water had made it to the patio space, it was virtually mud free, and now the Clarks can rest assured that a rainbow will never be forgotten because of a rainy day.