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Liz McWilliams

photo_lizLiz is the owner and founder of Greenleaf Garden Services. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Benedictine College and a Master’s Degree in BusinessAdministration from Rockhurst University. Before Greenleaf, Liz spent 20 yearsin a corporate environment in various operations and management positions. After 20 years in the same place, it was time for a change, so Liz turned her attention to the small business arena. First, Liz had the opportunity to work as an independent contractor with a local wellness facility where she had responsibility for day to day operations and processes. As well, she managed aspects of a new facility project including the implementation of the new landscape for the facility.

This was followed by a short career as a process consultant for an HVAC company. Immediately prior to launching Greenleaf, Liz worked as a process consultant for a labor service provider. Liz enjoyed gardening long before the idea of a gardening and landscaping company entered her mind. Likely the interest originated with her mother who was raised on a farm and always found a way to grow flowers and vegetables in home suburban gardens in Ohio, Connecticut, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Her paternal grandfather, uncle, and cousin also founded and owned various landscape companies in Ohio for many years. Liz is also very interested in healthy eating, cooking and living. And of course, she is passionate about her wine. Who knows – maybe someday we’ll be growing grapes!

Greenleaf began in the late winter of 2001 with two women and a vision. The business has grown steadily since with the addition of employees and many expert associates and partners. Liz is a firm believer in and enjoys establishing relationships that stand the test of time. To bear out that fact, the people most closely associated with Greenleaf today are professionals that she worked with in previous businesses. Moreover she doesn’t buy into the traditional business roles of employee/boss or client/service provider and prefers instead to blur those lines and work together towards a common end. Owning and operating this business has allowed her to act on this belief.

The best part of her job, in Liz’s own words:
Working with employees and associates to help clients improve their external environment has many rewards. I love making these connections. And, I love that the day to day business allows me to maintain my fitness goals. The daily exercise comes naturally during the season and is part of the job. How many people get to ‘work out’ on the job?