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The GREEN in Greenleaf

With the growing concern about our environment, all of us at Greenleaf are trying to make a difference. Here are few ways we’re changing our behavior to be more environmentally friendly. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to change something too.


We go “paperless” whenever possible. We use e-mail for transmitting proposals, contracts and invoices as well as for general communication. We encourage our clients to do the same. We also use an on-line document storage system which means we do not have to print – or file! – everything that comes across our computer screen.


We reuse mulch and compost bags to store extra material and to haul debris. We also take the plastic plant pots back to the nurseries to recycle, who in turn use them again to make mulch or compost! Whenever possible, we repair tools rather than buying new (rake and shovel handles, wheelbarrow wheels, etc.). This not only helps protect the environment, but saves us money which helps us keep our prices low.


We do not report to a central office every day. This allows us to drive directly to the first job site of the day reducing drive time and gas emissions. Additionally, we do our best to schedule work in a logical geographic area and carpool whenever possible. We also minimize the use of power equipment which reduces both gas and noise emissions.