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Spring into Maintenance For an Effortless Year

With spring whispering in the wind it’s time to think about the landscape again.  Some years spring comes barreling in before we are ready and that may be this year if you can believe a rodent predicting spring is around the corner.
If I had a wishing well what would I wish for?  A spot to sit and enjoy the view?  A quiet corner of the yard to read a book?  Perhaps what I would wish for the most is enough moments in the day to get everything I have on my list accomplished.  If you have a long list, what is at the top? 
It might be a clean palette to start with this spring.  Late winter is a great time to think about getting the leaves and debris cleaned up and layer in some mulch to keep those early weed seeds at bay.  Both are fairly easy chores but if you find yourself needing help give us at Greenleaf a call and we will send in the crew for a spring clean. 
rosesAnother immediate task that gets pushed aside as we transition into spring is pruning.  Spring is a great time to take a look at tree and shrub form and make adjustments.  Adjusting overgrown plantings can help them fit in the landscape more comfortably.  Many summer blooming shrubs can be pruned now, although roses might be the exception as those last winter days will be too cold for fresh cut stems.
If you want to free up your summer schedule, add our monthly maintenance visits to keep things tidy and pruned.  We recommend regular garden maintenance to keep weeds under control and to monitor the health of landscape plants.  We can design a program specifically to meet your needs and make your budget work for you.  Regular maintenance visits weekly, biweekly or even monthly help with the general clean-up of weeds, leaves and debris from the garden plus additional shrub pruning as summer progresses.  Regular visits are a great way to protect your investment for years to come.
If your garden only needs the occasional tidying up in the spring or cleaned out in the fall we can do that too.  Planning a party mid-summer and need everything in order?  We are happy to add you into the schedule so your landscape performs from the early spring blossoms until the fall leaves are gone.  Whatever your needs are, give Greenleaf a call at 816-914-7211 or drop us an email and see how we can make your transition through the seasons effortless.